Hey! who invited you here?!

Look, this is my personal website, but I'll let you stay because someone told me you were pretty cool.

Someone also told me that you learn the best by teaching. So, I'm using this site to blog about random sh*t I've learnt.

Just a heads up, the blog might have industry stuff I'm into, but will also have some life stuff too (maybe).

One more thing. If you happen to learn something from me or have a suggestion let me know! I'm actually unfamous enough to send you a reply!

My intro can piss off now!

Stay awesome,

Chad Sultana (me)

The juicy blog stuff..

“Everything happens for a reason” is dangerous

I see and hear this saying everywhere. It generally comes up when something does go to plan or something doesn’t go to plan. We sugar coat our failures or happiness with “everything happens for a reason”. You just got fired from your job, “everything happens for a reason”. You ended up as a dentist when

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It’s ok to be a loser

You heard me – it is ok to be a loser. Sometimes we just suck. I actually think life is better when we acknowledge our flaws, realise messed up shit happens in our lives, but constantly growing and evolving as an individual in the process. Let me dive into this concept a little more. You

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